Bonus Ball - May 2016 Winners

The winners of the bonus ball for May 2016 are:

7th May No 28 - Donna Ho

14th May No 16 - Lynsey Dempsie

Bonus Ball - April 2016 Winners

The winners of the bonus ball for April 2016 are:

16th Apr No 54 - Anne McMenemy

23rd Apr No 24 - Donna Ho

30th Apr No 31 - Martha Mair

International News Update

The club recently had 2 of our members competing for Great Britain in International Events.

Fund Raising

Fundraising Initiative

We are trying a new way to raise some funds for the club.  If you are doing your Christmas shopping online, you can raise money for the club

Proposed Calendar of Events

Proposed Calendar of Events

No Sessions 4th/5th, 11th/12th and 25th/26th June

Due to hockey competitions there will be no ice or off ice sessions on the 4th/5th, 11th/12th and 25th/26th June. Sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will be on as normal.

President, 9th May 2016
International News Update

The club recently had 2 of our members competing for Great Britain in International Events.

Secretary, 22nd March 2016
Skate UK

MIDFSC is our Only Approved Skate UK Club on the West Coast of Scotland.

NISA has awarded MIDFSC this status due to its highly successful Skate UK Programme.

NISA and MIDFSC believe that customers of Skate UK want quality teaching and awards that support a nationally recognised Learn to Skate programme.

Present Sessions are:

PLEASE NOTE:- There is no skate uk 4th,5th, 11th,12th, 25th & 26th June due to hockey tournaments

DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE -  Please check the dates carefully as some Skate UK sessions are not on due test and competition sessions.

     Next Session Starts


08:45 09:15

14th May

21st May

28th May

18th Jun

2nd July

7th May



12:30 13:00

17th Apr

24th Apr

1st May

8th May

15th May

22nd May

29th May










What is the Skate UK programme?

  • The Skate UK programme teaches fundamental movement and basic ice skating skills for skaters of all ages.  This is broken down into 8 clear stages.
  • The programme emphasises fun and continuous movement and is taught in a group lesson format.
  • The learn-to-skate programme is separated into two sections: Skate UK and Skate UK Star - Passport to Competitive Skating

What does this mean to you / your child?

  • MIDFSC offers Skate UK, Learn to Skate classes to the high standard as dictated by the National Ice Skating Association (NISA).
  • Classes are only taught by licensed N.I.S.A coaches, assisted by trained programme assistants.
  • Each member of Skate UK will be given an approved Record of Achievement.  This clearly shows the requirements to pass each level and will be signed by one of our coaches when completed.
  • Badges and certificates (see below) are available to show each level that has been completed.

MIDFSC openly welcomes skaters of all ages and abilities to take part in its Skate UK programme.

Record of Achievement

During the first block of lessons you / your child will receive a Record of Achievement booklet, which clearly shows the requirements of each level.  Once each level is completed badges and certificates are available to purchase.

Record of AchievementRecord of AchievementRecord of AchievementRecord of Achievement

Skate UK Certificates and Badges

As your child passes the SkateUK Levels, you can purchase certificates and sew on badges from the club to mark the achievement.

 Skate UK Certificate Skate UK Certificate Skate UK Certificate Skate UK Certificate

Skate UK Sew On Badge Skate UK Sew On Badge Skate UK Sew On Badge Skate UK Sew On Badge


Class Times:

MIDFSC currently run 2 Skate UK classes per week:

Saturday: 8:45am – 9:15am (children’s classes)

Sunday: 12:30pm – 1:00pm (adults & children’s classes)

Please note that adults are taught in a separate group from the children.

Contact Details:

MIDFSC website:


Telephone: Wullie Loach 01294 222115 or 07920 081284

At least one Committee member will be available at all sessions, if you require any further information regarding Skate UK Classes please do not hesitate to ask.  They will be only too happy to help.

President, 13th March 2016
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